Drew Belgrave recognized as WLA Defender of the Year!

by Paul Horn

If you saw the Bellies play this year, you saw Drew Belgrave making a huge difference to his team.

So it was no surprise that today Drew (along with Adam Weidemann of the Nanaimo Timbermen) was named Defensive Player of the Year.  Drew was also named as a First Team All-Star earlier in the week.

In a game where the offensive players often get the spotlight, it's rare that a defender stands out, but Drew is that sort of player.  He never takes a night off. He hits hard. Every loosie is his personal mission. He moves the ball like a rocket. And, just to spice things up, he can score too.

He was named the Stonehaus Realty Player of the Game in his very first game of the season, and could have easily been chosen in every game!

Congrats Drew!

(P.S.  You can catch Drew this winter in the NLL, where he plays for the San Diego Seals.)