Important Information for Game Day!!!

by Paul Horn

Game 1 of the Mann Cup will be packed, so we ask you to remember these simple things:

Please do not park in Salmonbellies team parking or in spots designated for disabled people. Parking enforcement will be on site and vehicles will be towed.  

We strongly recommend that you take transit, carpool, walk, or show up very early to avoid frustrations with parking.  Remember that other park users will be active in the park. 

If you see that a seat is marked for a season ticket holder, please leave it free. 

Please avoid leaving on occupied single seats. 

Except for season-ticket holders, all tickets are general admission. If you would like to save seats for other people, make sure that you have somebody remain in the area. Do not use tape, clothing, or other objects to mark seats and then leave the area. Security will remove these things. 

Do not bring large bags or SLR cameras to the game. You will be asked to put them in your car before entering. 

If you would like to leave during the game, please leave using the front entrance only. Doors will be locked behind you if you go out any other way. 

Do not open side entrances for other people. If you do so, security will ask you to leave. 

Only Lacrosse Canada pass holders, Hall of Fame inductees and pre-approved media will be allowed through the pass gate.  

Entrances near team dressing rooms will be strictly monitored, and only people on the designated team list will be allowed through those entrances. 

We have expanded the liquor access area so that almost all of the arena is open for people who wish to consume beer during the game. However, the north end of the arena, clearly marked with signage, is designated for families. Do not bring beer in this area. 

Do not purchase tickets from resellers, whether in person or online. We have had any issues with counterfeit tickets and we cannot reimburse you if you purchase a counterfeit ticket. 

If you have purchased a ticket online and wish to have a refund, we will refund tickets until 90 minutes before the game. You can request a refund through the Eventbrite app or website. 

Food trucks and merchandise booths will be on site outside the arena before the game. 

Doors will open at 6:30. Please enter in an orderly fashion. 

If you are a person with mobility challenges or an aide to people with challenges, please come to the gate approximately 15 minutes early and ask for early admission. 

If you wish to stand during the game, please do not stand against the glass. You may stand in the upper causeway  against the wall, or in the lower causeway against the concrete, provided you do not go in the chained off areas. 

Please do not stand in areas designated for people with disabilities.

Please do not interrupt scorekeepers, broadcasters, PA announcers, or other staff during the course of the game. 

Please, at all times, be considerate and polite to other fans, no matter what team they support. 

This event is being operated by a dedicated team of volunteers. Please show them respect and gratitude at all times.