July 28 is Honour House Night. Armed Forces, Vets and First Responders Get in Free!

by Paul Horn

The Salmonbellies profoundly appreciate the contribution of our Armed Forces - both active duty and veterans - and all who works as first responders.

That's why we dedicate one game per year to Honour House, "a home away from home" for veterans, armed forces personnel,  emergency responders and their families, during times of recovery.

We appreciate the service of our uniformed community members.  Please join us on July 28 at 7:30 as we take on the Burnaby Lakers.  

You'll get in free if you are an active or retired member of:

- Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force)

- Police, sheriff, corrections or border services 

- Fire, paramedic, search and rescue

- Coast Guard

- Emergency Dispatch

- Conservation Officers

Please join us as we celebrate you!