WLA & MSL Raise Concerns About Availability of Canadian PLL Players

by Paul Horn

In recent days, Canada‘s two Senior A lacrosse leagues (the Western Lacrosse Association, which represents British Columbia, and Major Series Lacrosse, which represents Ontario) have voiced concerns about the impact of a proposed contract clause in the American-based Premier Lacrosse League.  The Salmonbellies are proud to add our voice to this important advocacy  

The concerning PLL clause limits players from playing in other leagues, and could have substantial impacts on the ability of Canadian players to compete for our national championship, the Mann Cup.

The story has gained widespread attention in sports media. You can read more about it from TSN’s coverage here.

The current PLL champions are the Chaos, a team known for its high percentage of Canadian players and its distinctly Canadian style of play.  

The Salmonbellies strongly support all efforts to #GrowTheGame and, as such, we acknowledge the unique way that our sport has worked in partnership throughout its history.  We are proud of the way that so many of the games stars participate in professional box, field, international and local hometown play. This is a truly unique feature of lacrosse and one that deserves to be preserved.

The strength of lacrosse’s growing popularity is based in the passion and creativity possessed by the game’s most innovative players. For many of them, a great deal of that innovation was motivated by a desire to win a Mann Cup.

As we have witnessed the professionalization of our sport, we have been proud to allow our players a choice in how they define their careers. That is a tradition that we believe deserves to be maintained.